May 17 2009

The This Is Intense album

After a 15-year wait The Moordown Sesssions are finally available as  the This Is Intense album. Hear the Cadillacs take on the Clash and the Ramones as well as their own infamous tracks, Crabman and Take No Prisoners. Read the triumphant outcome to the whole sorry album release affair in the Stortbeat Press Release.

This Is Intense CD

This Is Intense CD

Right click. Download. Drive.

  1. Crabman
  2. Take No Prisoners
  3. Rockaway Beach
  4. Blitzkrieg Bop
  5. Let’s Dance
  6. Police And Thieves
  7. Brand New Cadillac
  8. Crabman 2

Recorded at DIHE Bournemouth, spring 1987.

  • Engineered by Alan
  • Produced by Johnny Chong
  • Financed by Stortbeat Financial Services
  • Special thanx to Johnny Chong, Nick Slob and the High School Harlots
  • Stortbeat and The Cadillac Babies are managed by Trigger Raine

This is a Stortbeat Product and therefore a quality product

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