May 17 2009

The Brighton Rocks tapes

Joey Ramone Place, New York. Good work, Tough Tim.

Joey Ramone Place, New York. Good work, Tough Tim.

They said the legend could never be recreated. They were wrong, of course. In March 2003, an expanded Cadillacs line-up rocked up at Chong Studios in Brighton (within five minutes of each other – their timing as tight as ever). They plugged in, (after loading up in Budgen’s with snacks, beers and rizlas) and ripped through a handful of Clash numbers in tribute to the great Joe Strummer. This is the record of that night.

Tough Tim, the Cadillacs’ bassist was on band business in New York lobbying hard for the establishment of Joey Ramone Place (“It’s a tough job so Tough’s going to do it”). Check out the results of his endeavours on the left here. He’s now working to rename the junction of 53rd and 3rd as Dee Dee Ramone Corner.

The Brighton Rocks photos will be up soon. They’re a bit blurry, mind.

In the meantime, download the legendary comeback album:

Right click. Download. Drive.

  1. White Riot 1
  2. White Riot 2
  3. Police And Thieves 1
  4. Police And Thieves 2
  5. Brand New Cadillac 1
  6. Brand New Cadillac 2
  7. Guns Of Winton 1
  8. Guns Of Winton 2
  9. Janie Jones 1

Tonight, The Cadillac Babies are:

  • Graham David Parker on drums
  • Johnny Chong on punk rock guitar
  • Trigger on R&B guitar
  • Slim on bass
  • Fingers on lead guitar

Recorded at Johnny Chong’s Brighton pad, March 2003

  • Produced by Johnny Chong
  • Financed by Stortbeat Financial Services
  • Special thanx to Helen, the neighbours, Budgen’s for the rider
  • Recorded in mono because it sounds cooler
  • “The Cadillac Babies never rehearse…”

This is a Stortbeat Product and therefore a quality product

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  • Punk Rocker In The UK.... Says:

    With Johnny Chong at the controls, you know what they say: “There’s nothing like a good bit of new wave”.

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